To recognize nursing leadership, we are two Doctoral nursing students launching a campaign- Nurse Commanders: Leading Troops Against the Invisible Enemy: COVID-19. This is an effort to raise awareness of nursing contributions in facing challenges of a rapidly evolving healthcare system. We are capturing stories from our Nurse Commanders on the frontlines on how they are promoting nursing excellence, innovation in health care delivery, and demonstrating nursing leadership in their respective settings during these unprecedented times. Submit your story today!

Bernadette “Bernie” Park, MSN, RN, DNP Student

Bernadette ”Bernie” Park has over fifteen years of experience in working with community based programming for organizing events and fundraising efforts and has served on several executive boards for local non-profit organizations.

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Nina Vaid Raoji APN-C, MSN, RN, DNP student

Nina Vaid Raoji is the Communications Lead and Committee Member of the New Jersey Action Coalition, a program of RWJF and AARP and the former Program Coordinator for the New Jersey Nursing Initiative, a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) .

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